10 steps to writing a POST on LinkedIn: Do this…..

1. Pick your topic. It’s always best to post about things that you have personal experience, understanding of, or expertise in.

2. Ideally it’s not about you; it’s to add value to your audience. Write succinctly (1300 character limit) and space well for easy reading.

3. Avoid: profanity, hate speech, violence, and anything that may be considered inappropriate.

4. Ask a question at the end of the post to invite opinion and commentary.

5. Photos and videos don’t view as well as plain text for a variety of reasons.

6. Put external links in the comments; not the main post.

7. Add tags and hashtags, but not too many.

8. Like your own post (not vain; it “games” the algorithm).

9. Reply to all comments for the first hour, then check back every couple of hours.

10. Delete offensive/ troll comments.

Aim to GIVE when you post: knowledge, insight, information, advice.

Likes and comments are great but shares are the true measure of quality content.

Why? People tend not to share nonsense with their own followings.

If you have never posted before, try it today! You can start by sharing a post, a quote or whatever you feel comfortable with. Don’t be shy. We want to hear from YOU!