Hello friends,

I’m so honored and humbled to have such a large group, over 4150 members now using #ProjectHelpYouGrow’s website, to assist with all things job related.  People looking for jobs around the world, plus recruiters and employers trying to fill job openings are all using the site for free. Many of you might not know, but the group #ProjectHelpYouGrow started in August, 2018 and has grown at a rapid rate.  I believe the growth is due to the simple yet powerful purpose, freely helping others in their greatest time of need.  I pray that the growth will continue and that more and more will come to lean on the free tools I offer via my website, the LinkedIn group page, numerous other social media outlets and even these newsletters.


Has it been a few minutes since you last visited projecthelpyougrow.com?  If so, I’m excited to tell you about all the new features that my web developer Dealers League and I implemented just yesterday.

  • Upgraded Security:  You won’t notice much different, but trust me when I tell you that all of your security is of the utmost importance to me.  With new settings in place, you’re more secure than ever.
  • Video Introductions: The world is going the way of video.  I have given you the ability to introduce yourself on video, add it to your profile and use it as part of your application strategy.  Land the job faster by using this powerful new feature.
  • Expanded Profile:  Add your YouTube or Vimeo video introductions, Add your YouTube, Skype, SoundCloud connection links.  I’ve also given you another generic link to use as you see fit.  Perhaps you have a personal website, resume website or a lesser used social media platform you want to highlight. 
  • BookMark Jobs: Sometimes you’re looking through jobs and see a few you want to research more before you apply.  You can now book mark them and come back to it later.
  • Quick Apply: You can now apply quickly, via the apply with saved resume feature.  This is common on other sites, but new to #ProjectHelpYouGrow.  Be careful about using the same resume for all jobs.  I don’t like the strategy, but I give you the option, if you want to.
  • Edit Your Profile: Admittedly it was a bit hard to find the edit your profile option before.  It’s super easy now.  When you’re logged in, go to candidates, edit your profile, then click the cog and make your changes.
  • Updated Menu:  The menu options have been revamped. Finding candidates, searching for jobs, finding your profile and more.  Check it out.


OK Ira, what is all this about an introduction video and why are you giving us the ability to add one to our profile.  Simply, I believe it is one of the single most underutilized tools at your disposal, and one if used properly, you can jump ahead of all your competition.  Video allows the employer/recruiter to get to know more than just what’s written on the page.  How well spoken are you, what is your personality?  Are you professional, friendly, interesting?  These answers come out very quickly and will be on full display.

Read this blog post for more details:  Stand Out In The Crowd With Video

Don’t give up your advantages.  The difference between winning and losing sometimes is very little.  Most are not using video yet, but soon everyone will be.  This short window of opportunity can help you if you do the work and use the free tools at your disposal.


Are you struggling to find a job?  What are you doing differently, how are you modifying your approach to improve your chances of landing your new job?   If you’ve applied to 100 or more jobs and not been hired yet, you have a major flaw in your strategy and I want to help you. 

Friends, we don’t do much of anything like we did in decades past and the job search is no different.  If you are searching for a job using old strategies that worked in yesteryear, you are surely struggling now.  Times have changed.  Want to win?  Change your thinking.  Read my blog post Change Your Thinking and Land The Job


I am proud to announce that via an affiliate agreement, I now have all of ZipRecruiter’s jobs listed on #ProjectHelpYouGrow and as such, you can use all the powerful tools available on my site, and still have access to millions of jobs.  I have other affiliate deals in the works, and soon hope to have most of the published jobs in the world included too.

Employers and Recruiters, it is still free to publish your jobs on my site.  Have a job available you need to fill?  Do it here: Post A Job For Free

Job Seekers, search these jobs here: Search For Jobs


My friend, Moeed Ahmad was just on #ProjectPodCast and wrote a wonderful blog on Informational Interviews has a survey he’s hoping will help a Block Chain Survey.  If you’re familiar with or working with Block Chain, please find and take the survey here:  Mo-Dynamics Block Chain Survey

Watch my interview with Moeed here:  #ProjectPodCastwithMoeedAhmad


What exactly is a #ProjectPodCast?  Glad you asked!  Sometimes people need to hear straight from industry experts, ideas, tips, strategies and information to help them.  As job seekers struggle to find a job, these 10 minute interviews with career coaches, recruiters, authors, HR professionals, Subject Matter Experts (SME), and employers are designed to help.   I ask each guest three questions and in the answers I hope to help enlighten, inform and bring about positive change of thinking.  The purpose of the website is to help connect job seekers with employers who have openings.  Sometimes the bridge I have to span lies inside the ears of those looking for work.  You should watch every episode of #ProjectPodCast if you haven’t yet.  You might benefit from watching some more than once.  The information inside them are as valuable as anything you’ll find on the whole of the internet, with respects to finding a job.


I know this can be a very tough time of year, as being without a job is always tough, but even more so for some as they struggle to put food on the table, let alone absorb the added expenses of the holiday season.  Remember friends, materialistic things are not the most important part of life.  What matters most is how we feel about each other.  Express your love and admiration for people, even if you can’t give them a materialistic gift.  It truly is the thought that counts.

From me to you, I wish you the very happiest of holiday seasons.  I hope my free tool is a true gift to you.  I pray that I am helping you in the very best way possible.  If you need help, let me know.  My contact information is on the website.  2019 can be a great year.  #LetsGrowTogether.