Are you unemployed and wondering when you should begin your job search?  With COVID-19 millions of people around the world have found themselves without a job.  There are some without a job wondering if they should wait for the pandemic to end before they begin looking in earnest for a new job.  This question on the surface might seem reasonable but keep reading as I dispel it with 5 reasons you absolutely should start your job search immediately.

Not big on reading?  I understand.  Watch this video for the cliff notes:

1: We Don’t Know When COVID-19 Will End

When Will COVID-19 End?  The answer to that is no one knows.  With an uncertainty about the end date, you don’t know how long you’d be waiting.  What if the pandemic continues into the next flu season and basically never goes away?  You eventually have to go back to work to earn a living right?  How long can you sustain your life with no income?  The fact is, we’re in an ugly moment in history and like it or not, working is part of what we have to do, pandemic or not.  There are jobs out there, so it’s time to start looking.

2: Your Competition Isn’t Waiting

What if the perfect job for you, is filled while you’re waiting to start searching for a job?  That would be a major bummer wouldn’t it?  Well it could very well happen if you wait.  Business owners are working now on things they have not had time to consider.  They are upgrading their plans, working on strategy and revamping their staff.  Want to find the job of your dreams?  You need to outpace your competition, namely other job seekers with your skillset, who are also looking for work.

3: There’s No Advantage to Waiting

So what benefit would you gain by waiting?  None.  Say you search the whole time and don’t find a job, and then you continue your search after the pandemic ends.  If that happens, you’d still be unemployed and in the exact same spot as if you waited.  No advantage gained.  Actually you’d be better off if you’d searched the whole time even if you don’t find a job!  Why?  Because you’d presumably be working on your research skills, your marketing (resume/cover letter) materials and practicing for interviews while searching.  The person waiting to search is likely not working on their job search skills at this time and that’s a giant shame.

4: You Have the Time Now

You can use this time to research, prepare your resume / cover letter and build your network.  If you let this golden opportunity to work on the things you normally don’t have as much time to do, you will have wasted a once in a life window.  Don’t waste your time over indulging on binge watching a show, or trying to set a personal record on consuming food and drink.  Now’s the time to be improving your skills across the board.  Don’t be the person who regrets what they didn’t do after the pandemic is over.  Realize that the silver lining with all of this is the opportunity to learn something new, improve yourself and find a stellar job.

5: Stress Relief and Anxiety Reducer

For most, being unemployed and the fear of the unknown is a big issue.  Also true however is that most will feel better when they’re working towards a resolution.  Even if the resolution bears no fruit, just the putting forward the effort can have a positive impact on you and any who might be dependent on you for their financial welfare.  For example your children and spouse might be worried about your lack of employment, however when they see you working to find a job, it might help their mental state.  You also would be setting a positive example for all who might be observing you.  Help everyone involved in your life feel better, by doing the needful and searching for your next job.

COVID-19 Stinks!

The pandemic is awful and no one disputes that.  Lives have been lost, time has been squandered and the economy has suffered.  Fact is, we still have lanes to excel or avenues that lead to no where good.  As navigators of our own destiny, we must be wise how we travel.  Don’t allow yourself to throttle down the highway towards remorse and regret.  Keep moving towards your long term goal by working on things that help you get closer.  Work to improve your situation.  Need help?  There’s free help always available to you on

You might not find a job for a while, but if you work towards it, you just might.  Either way, you’ll never be worse off for searching now, then you would by putting it off for even a single second.  So when should you start your job search?  Right now!