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Tell me what you like about #ProjectHelpYouGrow or how it has helped you and let others find this useful tool by giving us a positive review on Google.  I appreciate your support!

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If you’ve read the FAQ page and watched all the videos but still have questions, I’m happy to do my best to help them for you.  Send me a detailed message by filling in the form above or sending an email directly to me at email provided above and I’ll respond to you as soon as I can.  #ProjectHelpYouGrow is a free service provided to the general public, as an earnest attempt to help job seekers connect to those who are hiring or in a position to influence who gets hired.  There is no cost to use the website as all the services are complimentary.  There were some premium offerings at one point, as a test to try and raise marketing funds to increase some of the bells and whistles, however it didn’t prove to be successful, so I removed them to help eliminate confusion about my motives.  The fact is I am simply doing this to help others.  Certainly there are things I might be able to do to expand the help I offer down the road and I’m open to any and all suggestions you might like to send me for future consideration and implementation.

#ProjectHelpYouGrow does have a group page on LinkedIn and Facebook if you are looking for a group environment to collaborate and kick around ideas with other employers, recruiters, career coaches and job seekers.

I also am active on LinkedIn, so if you have yet to follow me there, I recommend you do so, as you might find the daily content I share there can help you with everything for job search strategy to general success in business.  Find me here:

Thank you for reading this message.  I look forward to receiving your message and helping you in any way I can.  In the meantime, thank you for visiting and being a part of this global project.

Special Thanks

I want to take a moment to publicly thank the developers aka magicians behind this website, Dealers League.  Michael and Joseph have helped me far more than I could eve explain.  Michael believed in me and the #ProjectHelpYouGrow vision and helped create a platform that helps me serve job search needs for thousands of people around the world who desperately need someone to give them a hand up.  The website is far better than anything I could have accomplished without their serious skills.  I was using a free portal to help assist job seekers before the official website was launched, however it was very limited in scope and as a result many needs were left underserved or not served at all.  Now with dynamic search filters and robust profiles, job seekers can create a full profile that shows off their skills and work preferences and recruiters and employers can filter out the people who don’t match their search criteria.  This site has allowed me to also share blogs and podcasts with tips and strategies to help job seekers improve their search strategy, improve their resume, prepare for an interview, learn how to maximize their social media, educate them on how ATS and AI work and even how to develop a winning formula to get work visa sponsorship.  By all accounts this website has been a tremendous blessing to many, most of all me.  Dealers League, we all salute you and this great tool.  I believe this is the most powerful free job search resource on the entire internet.

If you need a website built, help with development of an App, or perhaps you want to come up with a top notch marketing campaign, Dealers League is the company I would recommend you utilize.