Want to know what a proper Core Competencies and Achievements section looks like on a RESUME?

Like this…… This is the hard and TRANSFERABLE skills section of your resume.

It is immediately below your Professional Summary and should appear in full on Page 1 of 2+ The hard/transferable skill is in bold, followed by explanation of the skill in relation to YOU, backed up by a key achievement.

This is the section to highlight QUANTIFIABLE achievements if applicable. Skills sections/Area of expertise sections on resumes that simply list keywords and buzzwords without context are not worth the paper they are written on.

Hiring managers/recruiters appear to be constantly pushed for time, so….. Make it easy for them! SHOWCASE your Core Competencies and Achievements immediately!

Any thoughts, please?

#KB PS. No template available. A list of transferable skills is available in the comments. Credit: IP of Kirsty Bonner