Sugar over Vegetables?

If I was to offer you your choice of snack between an array of sweet treats or veggie appetizers, what would you pick?  Many would pick the dessert over the healthy option.  I’m finding that is true in most areas of our lives, including the job search.

Why are more and more people overweight?  Certainly, we know that we need to eat right and exercise to stay healthy.  Despite the head knowledge, many, myself included struggle with our weight.  The struggle comes to a certain degree, because we lack discipline.  We need to say no to sugar more.  Moving our bodies is something we need to do daily.  For even better results, we should combination the two.

Plainly put, people struggle to make the right choices in many areas of our lives.  We don’t consume based on what we know, we instead live based on our feelings and convenience.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but a great majority, if they are being honest with themselves will recognize the truthfulness of how this applies to them individually.

No Treasure Map, No Treasure

If a we were in a fairytale and a pirate ship happened to be searching for treasure, we would expect to see the captain looking at a treasure map.  Why?  Because without the treasure map, how would they reasonably be expected to find the treasure?  They could get lucky and stumble on treasure, but more likely they would simply just waste time without the map.  On top of being frustrated, they’d likely get discouraged too.  Reasonable hope comes from following a proper plan. 

Searching for a job is like hunting for treasure.  Those who know what they want, and then map out how to get there, will be much more likely to find it.  Have you been winging it?  Taking one step after the other based on your best guess or your gut instincts?  Too many find themselves wandering aimlessly this way.  You don’t have to do this on your own! 

Creating a plan is something you can and should get help with.  Utilize free resources found on #ProjectHelpYouGrow or through your network.  You can read articles or books from job market experts to help set an action plan.  Consider hiring a coach or headhunter to help you chart a well thought out strategy. If you want to find treasure, an accurate map is a valuable addition.  The custom map can save you time, reduce frustration and perhaps help you to not swerve too far off course.

Putting In The Work!

Ever had a gym membership that you didn’t use or that you underused?  I hear gyms in January are often more crowded than any other month as people start a resolution.  By February the gyms are mostly back to normal as the majority of those looking for change realize membership by itself doesn’t mean anything.  To see results, you must put in the work!

The same is true with finding a job.  While you are more likely to find a job if you make the map; you’ll still have to do the work to realize the benefit of having the game plan.  Your plan could entail things such as: writing a new resume, fixing your social media profiles, attending networking events, getting a new profile photo, getting a new certification, volunteering, updating reference information, looking into documentation to work abroad and so much more.

Having the list, without working on it is almost pointless.  Just like knowing what to eat or how to exercise and then not making the right choices.  The difference between winning and losing is often very small.  If you are off track, you can get back on by changing your methods.  Most of us know what we must do, or we know how to find out the information we need. 

Pep Talk from Ira

The key to winning is self-discipline and consistently making the right choices.  Don’t skip your vegetables because the donut tastes better.  Put the remote down, step away from social media distractions and get to doing what needs to be done.  You are worth it.  Your future job is there for you and it will be a huge blessing once you’re starting the new position.

Going from out of shape to being in good physical condition can take a while.  The more out of shape a person is, the longer it can take to get things back on track.  The job market is similar.  Some with great experience, education and marketing tools will find work easily as they are in good shape.  Others need some help with education but have good marketing materials and experience.  There are those however who need help with multiple things like a resume overhaul, lack of experience and spotty education. 

Take heart that all situations can eventually be corrected given enough time and effort.  Some need to adjust their sites to realistic targets.  If you are struggling finding the right course, I suggest you reach out for help.  There are professionals and folks like me out there willing to help job seekers who need a hand up.  I can tell you that those who demonstrate effort are likely to get much more help than those who are simply asking for a handout; however I suspect anyone who has read to this point is not in that category.

So what are you going to do?  Make your plan! Put in the necessary work and get the reward for seeing it through!  You can do it, one well placed step at a time.