Need to build a RESUME?

Do this…..

Full name, Location, Email, Cell and LinkedIn URL

3 job titles you are qualified to fulfil separated by vertical dividers.


1. Professional Summary: What you are professionally + Who you are in terms of personal attributes. Max. 4/5 lines.

2. Core Competencies and Achievements: Bullet point hard or transferable skill and evidence with a major achievement ($, % etc are great here). Max. 6 bullets. Max. 2 lines per bullet.


3. Professional Experience: Descending chronological order. Company name, Location, Job Title, Dates. 4/5 lines of responsibility description and other achievements not mentioned in section #2.

Subsection: Earlier Work Experience for the 40 years+ cohort: no detail or dates except company, location, job title. 4. Education/Certifications. In descending order of importance. No dates for 40 years+ cohort.

5. Awards/Volunteer Work/Publications, if applicable. No photos, graphics, tables etc for online ATS. Recent grads: your order is 1,2,4,3. Your resume is your passport to your next job.

Make sure it hasn’t expired!

Anything to add, please? Kirsty Bonner