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Take Your Recruiting to the Next Level

Our Story:

With three start-ups created every single second, the environment has never been more competitive for brands. No matter what the brand, we help them get bigger, faster.

There are two key parts to the business:

–        The Platform: We have built the world’s only brand management platform that delivers always-on brand guidance to drive growth.

–        Consulting: We have created a unique brand measurement IP which underpins both halves of the business. We deal with bigger, more tailored projects.

In a world where there are so many penalty-free substitutes, we’re designed to help our customers be the one that people love and stick with. We do it by maximizing the power of their relationships. Our Relationship IP shows you where your brand stands today. Relative to your competition. Relative to what people need from your category. And then we, with our AI, tell you what you should do to maximize your success and consistently grow.

We are run by people who have built and run hugely successful businesses. This one is disrupting both the Insight and Marketing Consultancy industries, with deep innovation in science, business model and staffing. It is full of people who want to change the experience of building brands for the better, with dedication, courage and conviction. It’s not for the feint-hearted, but it is a lot of fun.


What You’ll Do:

Marketing Strategy & Execution

–        Work with Global Head of Marketing to develop our US channel strategy and marketing execution with focus on driving subscription recruitment, retention, upsell and cross-sell for smaller and medium sized brands.

–        Creation & execution of our US channel partner strategy – identifying business opportunities to drive a trial with aggregators of brands (i.e. trade associations, business platforms and more)

–        Creation & execution of US editorial press strategy including paid content features, marketing assets and social media content.

–        Strategic Development and Execution of Global Refer & Reward program, intended to drive our organic baseline growth.

–        Work with Head of Marketing, CRO & CTO on product roadmap fueled by subscriber wants and needs identified during recruitment.

–        Maintain, manage and grow the end to end Brand Identity – from logo, tone of voice, ID style guide to user-facing UI and UX.

–        Management of the US Brand & US Marketing budgets.


Team Leadership and Process Development

–        You will lead the US Marketing business; which we have just started this year and plan to scale to over 10,000 subscribers by 2022.

–        You will have previously worked in a leadership role and be comfortable leading end to end strategy development all the way through execution.

–        You may have worked previously for a B2B business targeting growth through regionalized US brands.

–        You will be able to define and iteratively improve our SaaS business-to-business marketing process, by showing past experience building B2B brands, helping them scale and ultimately drive recruitment, retention and upsell.

–        You will be able to thrive in a growing culture – being all hands-on deck, thinking both strategically and executionally; without the immediate support of assistants.

–        You will have experience coaching and mentoring more junior team members, with an ambition to lead, develop and build the US Marketing teams as we scale.


What You’ll Bring:

We would love the person who fills this position to have a mix of certain skills and personal attributes.



–        5+ years of Brand Management experience, as a Brand Director or Senior Brand Manager, preferably in the B2B space, with experience in B2B Technology for US small & medium sized businesses.

–        Proven experience leading inter-agency team

–        Experience working on global brands, with focus on US & UK

–        Brand portfolio of creative assets you’ve personally developed and executed

–        A proven showcase of Brand Building experience, driving recruitment and trial of new products

–        A proven showcase of developing full year, multi-channel campaigns and executing Business-to-Business corporate partnerships

–        History creating, building and managing brands with integrity & consistency

–        In touch with the latest cultural trends across emerging segments, new growing brands

–        Digitally native – social media & mobile technology is second nature

–        Creative thinker, problem solver with keen eye for detail