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Interview Tips with Foster Williams

Description:  Foster and I discuss advice to job seekers who are a bit fatigued, how video can be used to gain an advantage in the application process and what things Foster is doing in Dallas to help job seekers via his website http://search4uinc.com/

Issues and Advice about LinkedIn Profiles with Jared Wiese

Description:  Jared and I discuss what issues he’s seeing with LinkedIn profiles, especially with job seekers.  We also discuss suggestions he has on how to improve the profile to differentiate yourself and get noticed by employers and recruiters.  Finally he tells the audience why they should consider using his services as a client to Profiles that Pop! Check Jared our via his website https://profilesthatpop.com/

Adapting to Trends in the Workforce with Rob Deptford

Description:  Rob and I had an interesting and informative conversation about how to improve leadership skills, advice on how to switch industries as it becomes more common place and what exactly is a career coach!  Check out more from Rob and potentially sign up as a future career coach client on his website http://www.forgeaheadcoaching.com/

Winning the Interview with Courtney Kirschbaum Founder/CEO of the Job Hunt School

Have you ever found yourself taking on water in an interview process?  Courtney and I discuss her experience with this and how she was still able to win the job.  We discuss trends in the job search market today, and Courtney explains more about the five pillars of the job hunt: Know, Contact, Compose, Connect and Close.  Watch this #ProjectPodCast to learn how to not only win the interview, but land the job! Learn More about Job Hunt School here: https://jobhuntschool.com/


Conquering ATS and More with Career Coach John Pohl

What is different about the job search today?  You are battling AI (Artificial Intelligence) via something know as ATS (Applicant Tracking System) as it scans and scores your resume before anyone in HR actually reads it.  The job search battlefield is much different today than just 5 short years ago.  If you are looking for a job, come watch this video as John and I discuss the ATS, the importance of culture and how to prepare for an interview to “Control the Controllable” as John puts it.  Click here to connect with John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johncpohl


A Balanced Approach to the Job Search with Career Strategist Norma Kraft

#AgeDoesNotDefineUs but our strategy will make or break us. When looking for a new job, the subtle things can help or hurt us more than we might realize. Using a coach might not be something we think we need, but the modern landscape has changed. The world of Applicant Tracking System, Social Media and Global Talent Pools has affected how employers find their candidates to interview. Watch this video to learn more. Connect with Norma Kraft here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/normakraft/

#ProjectPodCast with Ben Baker, Owner of Your Brand Marketing

What do you need to do to be better at an interview? You need to do your research! You need to exude confidence. You need to ask intelligent questions to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Ben and I have some fun as he explains how job seekers can win the job of their dreams with some good old fashioned preparation. Don’t forget to check out his book and download your free chapter. #PowerfulPersonalBrands visit his website by clicking here: www.powerfulpersonalbrands.com


#ProjectPodCast with Author and Life Coach James Warda

Do you struggle with anxiety, stress and depression related to your extended job search? A lot of people do, even though most tend to keep it lock in and don’t talk about it openly. Author James Warda and I talk about his first hand knowledge of struggling as a job seeker and more in this compelling interview. I ask him for advice to help modern job seekers deal with depression, methods on how to relieve and reduce stress, and how he as a life coach can help. If you are looking for a job, this is a must watch episode!  Connect with James Warda here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameswarda/

#ProjectPodCast: Find Your Super Powers with Arty G

Come see my interview with Career Coach and Recruiter Art Gulzman, aka “Arty G.” as we discuss the top ten things you shouldn’t do in an interview.  We also cover how you can identify and display your super powers to a potential employer to separate yourself from your competition and we wrap things up by reviewing why anyone looking for a job should consider hiring a career coach like Art to help them land their dream job.  To connect with Arthur directly, please click here: 


#ProjectPodCast for Veterans with Brittinay Lenhart

Are you a Veteran looking to transition to the civilian workforce? If so, you should watch this special episode of #ProjectPodCast with guest Brittinay Lehart, a veteran of the USAF. We talk about the three biggest challenges veterans face with transitioning, some resources that veterans can utilize to help with their transition and ways that civilians might be able to help with the process too, to show our gratitude for your service to this country.by clicking here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittinay/www.powerfulpersonalbrands.com


#ProjectPodCast: Fix Your Resume with Recruiter Brad Blanchard

Need help constructing your resume? A lot of people do! Brad is a resume writer, and recruiter who founded Careerosophy to help job seekers go from job search to dream job in less time with less headaches. We discuss the 3 most common mistakes people are making with their resumes in this interview as well as a bit of psychology and how to deal with the past and we wrap up with how Careerosophy can help people who sign up for the service.  Connect with Brad Blanchard on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-blanchard-phr/

#ProjectPodCast with Veteran Advocate & Recruiter Chris Dove Jr.

Build a real network and fix your resume. Why? That’s two biggest things you can do to shorten your job search and land your dream job. Come watch Veteran Advocate and Recruiter Chris Dove Jr, who happens to also be a Veteran of the US Navy himself and I discuss this and more about the modern job search and how job seekers can improve their strategy.  Connect with Chris Dove Jr. here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/cdovejr/

#ProjectPodCast with Chief Diversity Officer, HR and Recruiter: Melissa AF

Melissa AF and I discuss her work helping veterans and military spouses transition into the civilian workforce. We also review tips on how to approach the job search in today’s business climate, so job seekers can remove the road blocks and land in their new position. Are you stuck in an endless job search or a veteran looking for help? If so, watch this episode of #ProjectPodCast. Connect with Melissa on LinkedIn by clicking here:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissaaf/


#ProjectPodCast with Betty Kempa

Learn how the Career Bliss Coaching Process helps women in the workforce or who aspire to be back in the workforce transition from the mundane to a career they love in the latest #ProjectPodCast interview with my guest Betty Kempa. We also look at common mistakes job seekers are making with respects to pursuing a career they’re passionate about and she gives advice on what first steps job seekers can take to get started down the right path.  Find out more about Career Bliss Coaching by visiting Betty’s website here: http://bettykempa.com/

#ProjectPodCast with Rene Michele Founder of Career Path Resumes

What’s the most common mistake people make with their resume? Should you carry a stack of resumes, should you adjust your resume for each job you’re applying to, what are things you should do to help increase your chance of getting a job? Watch this episode to find out!  I interview coach and soon to be published author Rene Michele, who also is the founder of Career Path Resumes.  Click here for help with your resume needs:    https://careerpathresumes.com.au/

#ProjectPodCast with Leadership, Life and Transformation Coach: Dorrit Karlsen

Depression and Anxiety are part and parcel for the course in the pursuit of a new job. How does Career Coach Dorrit Karlsen tackle this issue with her clients? How can you get and/or stay relaxed to help perform better in an interview?   What if you have a deep seeded psychological issue you need help eradicating, so you can improve your quality of life?  Watch this extended interview as we take a deep dive into this serious topic. Connect with Dorrit on LinkedIn by clicking here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorrit-karlsen-22050713a/


#ProjectPodCast with Moeed Ahmad: Founder of Mo-Dynamics, HR and Recruiting Freelancer

Still using a cover letter? Looking for help building meaningful LinkedIn connections? How can a Freelance HR / Recruiter help you? Watch my interview with Moeed as we cover this and more. Finding a job in today’s market place is different than in days gone by. Winning is not impossible, or even difficult, once you learn how to use modern tools and techniques.  Connect with Mo-Dynamics here:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/mo-dynamics/

#ProjectPodCast with Career Pursuits Founder: Michelle Traino

What motivates someone to get into career coaching and start a new firm? Find out as I interview Michelle Traino, the founder of Career Pursuits in Seattle. We also discuss the biggest mistake she sees job seekers making and what the biggest issue job seekers will face in the next few years. Can anyone say ATS? Watch this video to find out.  To connect with Michelle and find out more about Career Pursuits, please click here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelletraino/

#ProjectPodCast with All-in-One Recruiter Juliana Rabbi

Have you identified the company you want to work for, but don’t know how to get past the ATS system? Are you trying to improve how you interview for a job? Wondering what new challenges lie ahead for job seekers and what you can do to get in front of them, to be better positioned to win? Juliana shares her expertise in this high energy interview. If you’re looking for a job, this interview should be a help to you.

#ProjectPodCast with Monica Matthews: Founder of Matthews io Psychology Consulting.

We cover how Artificial Intelligence and the mingling of Generations X,Y & Z are changing office dynamics. We also talk about strategies to reduce or eliminate interview related stress. Finally Monica discusses one of her executive coaching programs, a 3 month course to help you increase your skills while maintaining anonymity from HR at your current employer.