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ProjectHelpYouGrow Partner of the Month:


Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Website: http://www.jobready2dey.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jobready2dey1/

Ira says “Jobready2dey is here to help you quickly and for very little money, get your resume and cover letter ready to submit for the job you want.  They have a program that allows you to pay $1 on Wednesdays for a custom written resume or cover letter.  I don’t know anywhere on the entire internet that will do more for less.  If you need resume help, this is the place to get it.”

ProjectHelpYouGrow Partners

Ira Bowman

Learn more about my Media Creation and Coaching efforts.

Ira says “I do everything to help that I can but not all help is free.  If you’re looking to pay me for coaching or media creation, check out my personal website devoted to those efforts.”

Dealers League

For Marketing, Web Development, App Development and SEO assistance.  

Ira says “These are the best web developers on the planet and the magicians who made my website!  I owe so much to them.  They can help you succeed if you’ll only let them.”

Alicia Sells Scentsy!

For all things Scentsy related.  

Ira says “My wife is a Scentsy Director.  You can buy products, sign up to join her team, find out what is happening with Scentsy and more all from her website.  My wife is awesome!”

Service Professionals Network

If it’s Win-Win, It’s SPN!

Ira says “Mike O’Connor helped me understand the power of growing my network on LinkedIn.  As a result, I changed my thinking.  The change in though process helped me see the need for #ProjectHelpYouGrow.  I am thankful to Mike for that help!”

Bowman Notary 

For all your notary needs in LA.

Ira says “My brother is a notary in LA.  He works hard, he isn’t expensive and he’s as smart as they come.  He’s also availabel 24/7 with an appointment!  If you need help, he’s the go to person for all your mobile notary needs in Southern California!  Know a Escrow Officer?  Send them to Bowman Notary for help!”

Panna Knows

A modern recruiting and staffing firm focused on attracting top talent for their clients.

Ira says “If you’re looking to fill your job openings with the best candidates, Kelly and her team at Panna Knows is the company I recommend.  They are delivering more than just empty promises by taking advantage of all the tools available to them including sponsoring #ProjectHelpYouGrow.”


Changing the world one Smartlist at a time.

Ira says “The first websites used by #ProjectHelpYouGrow were thanks to FYI.TO.  From concept to solid group, I owe a lot to the free service they offer.  I know it’s a service that can be a help to many others too.  I even use it in my day job to help sell printers and graphics.”

KRISS Techserv

is a newly founded IT company that is committed to enabling our clients get the best value out of their business. 

Ira saysThough KRISS Techserv is a startup, it has been founded by professionals with decades of experience working in IT support and services and I know those who give them the opportunity will be happy they took the shot. 


People are our passion

Ira saysBy putting people at the center of what they do, Werqwise is helping businesses to focus on what truly matters. From lounge access, to dedicated desks, to private suites—they customize the space their clients need, to help them accomplish their goals.  To top it off, the office services are in the heart of the Financial District of San Francisco.

Profiles that Pop

Upgrade your profile and get discovered!

Ira says “Jared knows how to get you noticed.  He works hard to stay current with the latest trends and is an overall treasure trove of knowledge.  If you’re struggling to achieve your social media goals and/or you need help getting your resume written, Profiles that Pop is a great place to turn for help.”


AccentCare is a national leader in post-acute healthcare service.

Ira says “AccentCare has more than 24,000 qualified professionals in over 170 offices who are dedicated to improving quality of living. With advanced technologies, proprietary programs and extensive training, their caring team members care for over 122,000 patients and clients each year.

Single Parent Advocate

Single Parent Advocate, a local 501(c) 3 non-profit organization providing resource connections, growth-based training, and support for single parent families, based in Dallas Texas and the surrounding areas.

Ira says “Too many children are growing up in single parent homes and the people at Single Parent Advocate are helping to provide critical resources to help fill the gap!”

Search 4 U Inc.

Your Talent and Career Transition Solution. Raising the Bar…Not the Cost

Ira saysAre you a job seeker in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area? Meet Foster Williams, the Founder of Search 4 U Inc, a recruiting firm. Foster has been a big blessing to me as he mentors me in the field of recruiting and life. If you want to win, it’s not just what you know, but who “ya” know. Get to know Foster and you will be blessed by it.”

Glen Ridge Fleet

A lean, agile, technology-driven fleet management company.

Ira says “Dennis McGraw and his team are an amazing group of people who will treat you the way you want to be treated.  For all your fleet vehicle needs, I highly recommend you contact Glen Ridge Fleet.  They will give you personal and taylor-made attention to meet all of your needs efficiently with their superior technology.”

Betty Kempa

I help mid to senior-level corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into their dream careers.

Ira says “Betty is someone I love to collaborate with.  This is a smart, energetic and down to earth career coach.  I’d recommend her to anyone from my daughters to my mom.  Why?  Because she has experience, is passionate about what she does and she’s good at what she does.”

Juliana Rabbi

All-in-one Recruiter.

Ira says “Looking for a seasoned vet who is well traveled to help you find the career you were born to do?  Looking for someone who specializes in helping you find a remot job?  Want someone who can help you with strategy?  Juliana is all of this and more!  Based in Spain, she can help you anywhere around the world via videoo conferencing technology.”


Erika Warfield

 Learn How MetaGrowth Ventures Builds You a Remote 💯% Commission Sales Team that can SOURCE & CLOSE B2B CXOs to Scale Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Ira saysIf you’re still stuck in the trenches, trying to sell it all while running your business, perhaps it’s time to let Erika Warfield from MetaGrowth Ventures show you a better way.  She can help build your sales team and help you utilize your time doing more productive things so your company can grow to the next level.

Job Hunt School

Helping Job Seekers gain confidence and attract the right recruiters and employers to make top dollar job offers upon completion of the program

Ira saysJob Hunt School is perfect for professionals who need some help getting discovered by the recruiters and employers in their field.  You don’t have to break the bank to get the help you need either.  Courtney is an amazingly talented person who can help you.  She’s got a big heart too as she hosts her #FreeonFriday webinar free of charge.


Looking for quality resume and cover letter services, interview preparation, career training, or career advice? 

Ira saysJobready2dey is here to help you quickly and for very little money, get your resume and cover letter ready to submit for the job you want.  They have a program that allows you to pay $1 on Wednesdays for a custom written resume or cover letter.  I don’t know anywhere on the entire internet that will do more for less.  If you need resume help, this is the place to get it.”


No Hassel Travel Service.  Insurance to make your travel fears evaporate.  Find out more and join the club.  

Ira saysWhen you’re ready to get away, you won’t have to hassle with all the details.  Aimviva is run by my friend Brad Emery and they will take good care of you and allow you to enjoy your vacation worry free.  Protection covers you for things like delayed flights, lost luggage, and medical cover.  You’ll love the added perks members recieve too.”

Rene Michele

A survivor of sexual abuse and a compelling author.

Ira saysRené Michele overcame each of her experiences and rose up out of the hopelessness and pain that was her reality, to forge a life marked by passionate purpose and success. Refusing to allow the horrors of her past to determine her future, she is now a successful entrepreneur, child abuse prevention advocate, international speaker and female child abuse recovery coach. René’s story will inspire and change you – into the person you always were – a person with value!

Global Business & Risk

Helping business owners stay focused on waht they do best, servicing the needs of their customers by providing professional business services.

Ira says ” None of us can be the master of all trades.  Get the help you need to reduce risk, increase your online presence, translation of marketing materials, customer billing, collections, fraud assesment, identity theft and more…visit and receive the help you need from my friends at Global Business & Risk.”

Marga’s Lil Cakes

Marga’s Lil Cakes began as an idea, but became a reality once I had a kitchen large enough to accommodate all of my kitchen gadgets!!

Ira says ” Marga is as sweet and fun as the cupcakes she creates.  If you are in need of sweet treats, you’d be foolish not to reach out to Marga and let her whip up the coolest and most delicious treats for your party / event / occasion. 

Marga also happens to be a lot of fun and is all about big hair!”

Charlie Mike Life

Charlie Mike Life is a way of overcoming The Suck. That Charlie Mike Life is like no other mindset. It helps you become that accomplished warrior again! The most successful people use it most of the time without realizing that it has become so second nature to them, It’s become automatic. Be that success that again!

Ira says ” Veterans put their lives on the line to serve our country and I’m happy to support organizations looking to help them free of charge, to make the most of their life after service”

Exit Your Way

“Exit Your Way® was born from a simple question. “Why aren’t we helping these people sell a business at the value they need?”; the answer, Exit Your Way.

Investment bankers, M&A Advisers and Brokers are solely focused on selling a business whether it’s best for the client or not.

Exit Your Way® is a team of elite professionals experienced in accelerating growth, growing a business, maximizing business value, and selling businesses.”

Joe The Finance Guy

With over 20 years of experience as a store/multi-unit operations manager, Joseph (Joe) Stepke has excelled when given an opportunity to build a cross-functional team and improve productivity and performance through superior customer service.

He has a versatile background in store operations, strategic planning, staffing and managing personnel, sales forecasting, training and development, and budgeting. 

Ira says “Work with Joe on #SocialMedia Concierge and he has a heart of gold.  I’ve learned to respect him and I know you will do well to work with him too.”

Specialized Resume Services

“SRS takes the frustration out of job searching by writing job seeker documents including resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and any documents you need to help you find the job of your dreams.

They specialize in showcasing your strengths, accomplishments, and experiences for a competitive advantage over your competition in the job market.

Ira says “I met Lisa Jones via the GGA on LinkedIn.  She is a true professional, is friendly as can be and is trying to help make a positive impact in the earth.  She’s someone I recommend 100%.”



“Frustrated due to the lack of a single-site repository of information available listing the 40,000+ Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) and services that exist for veterans, the V2I team banded together and dedicated themselves to developing a one-stop shop for current and transitioning military members, their families, and veterans!

Ira says “I have a heart for veterans and so do VETS2INDUSTY so this was a no-brainer for me to help list them on my partners tab.  Need assistance for a veterans resource library, networking, opportunities and HOPE.”