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Thank You for Chosing to Load Your Job Openings on #ProjectHelpYouGrow!

This site gets over 200 job seekers a day from all over the world and most are looking for a job.  Here’s what I find helps catch their attention the most.

Please use a logo.  If you need help setting it up, I can help but the best size to use is 500×500.  If you use a different size, you may lose part of it in the preview, however the full graphic will show up when they visit the actual listing.

Important to note, that after you submit, all listings sit in a hold, for inspection and approval.  I check the validity of jobs as some job seekers mistakenly load their resume here thinking this is where you request a job.

It also is helpful if you list the company website and your email address for each listing.  Because there is no fee for posting or hiring candidates, I encourage them to go from my site to your site and apply via your system.  

Jobs are to be individually listed, not a batch listing.  If you have a volume of jobs and you don’t want to load them, email them to me at [email protected] and I’ll load them for you as I have time.

Once your jobs are loaded, I may boost some of them.  I tend to boost the more popular titles and/or locations the most.  I also like to reward those who use the system the most, as that helps drive web traffic and is good for everyone.

Once your jobs are loaded, you are also encouraged to visit the cadidates section and use the smart filters to help find job seekers who might qualify for your openings.  You can use all six filters in one dynamic search and eliminate all who don’t qualify.  There are more than 5,000 active candidates on the website at the moment and about half have included their resume/cv and a link to their LinkedIn profile too.Everything on the #ProjectHelpYouGrow is free of charge, so you can post your jobs and hire candidates at no charge.  I also have a blog and a podcast that I would consider having you contribute to, if you are interested in doing so and can add value to the visitors.

Thanks again for helping to make this website better by adding your openings here.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out, as I am here to help you.