“I’m helping connect those looking for jobs with those who have open positions to fill around the world at no cost to either party.” – Ira Bowman


Welcome to ProjectHelpYouGrow!  Whether you are searching for a job, here to find new talent, or post a job opening, we’re glad you are here.  This platform allows you to do all of these things for free.

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Create a candidate profile and tell recruiters more about yourself.

Are you a job seeker who is having trouble finding a job? This website was built to help you get discovered. What you need to do is create a profile, tell recruiters and employers why you are the best candidate for them to hire and add your photo, CV/resume and let them know where you want to work.

The key to success with the profile is not to be shy, but to expound, use key words that will hit when they search. For example, don’t list “everywhere” as where you want to work, but list out all the places you would actually work.

Don’t simply list IT for your industry, but list all the key terms, such as IT, Information Technology, Programmer, Java, Computer Technician and/or any other terms that apply to your industry/skill set.

The goal is to get found when they use the dynamic search tools. Describe yourself accurately and thoroughly and you’ll be found sooner, increasing your odds at finding your next job sooner.

Looking for Talent?

All recruiters and employers that want to promote their openings.

If you’re a recruiter or employer, feel free to post your jobs, search for candidates, contact and hire all at no cost.  

I do offer a few select premium services, like boosting your jobs to the top of the list, posting your job on my home page, adding your company to my partners tab or featuring your job, however most of the services are free and will always be free.  

My main goal is to connect your openings to those who are looking for work.  I will use the money collected from the premium services to improve the site and for marketing.  

No other site offers all of these services for free because profit is their main goal.  My goal is to help people get employed. 

Please watch my welcome video to learn how you can use this site to fulfill your job search needs!

Latest Articles


My blog is intended to help job seekers improve their skills.  My guest contributors and I have written articles to that end that will help in a variety of topics.  

If you are having trouble landing a job, check out the blog for ideas and tips that might just shorten the search process and help you land the job of your dreams faster.

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